Drying of agricultural products and foods, powder sterilization

At Anchan Natural Blue, we carry out contract production of raw materials for
drying, crushing, and sterilization from trial production of
a minimum of 500 g, and support the sixth industrialization of agricultural products
and the commercialization of private brands.

  • Butterfly pea dried product
  • Butterfly pea fine cut
  • Butterfly pea sterilized powder
  • Hibiscus roselle dried product
  • Hibiscus roselle fine cut
  • Hibiscus roselle sterilized powder



Don’t you have trouble with the sixth
industrialization of agricultural
products and the commercialization
of private brands?

  • Do you want to make effective use of non-standard products and skins to eliminate waste vegetables?
  • Are you looking for producer who makes a small lot of powdered agricultural products?
  • Do you want to commercialize your own blended tea?
  • Are you looking for a place where sterilization and quality inspection can be done properly?
  • Do you want to process powder that makes the best use of the original color, aroma, and taste of the material?
  • Do you want to use rare ingredients from product development to sales?


Small Lot size (from 500g)

We support the drying and powder processing of
agricultural products and fruits,
development and commercialization
of raw materials for original tea!

  • 100% plant-derived colorful food powder
  • Development of health food supplements that condense the power of plants (tablet / capsule)
  • Herbal tea using Ayurvedic herbs
  • Vegetable powder for easy nutrition by utilizing unused resources of agricultural products


Total support from contract
cultivation to small lot trial production,
manufacturing processing, PB development,

sales promotion support

01Plant survey / contract cultivation

We also carry out contract cultivation of plants at affiliated farms in Thailand and Laos that can be produced without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
In Thailand, EU / USDA organic certified farm cultivation is also possible.

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01.Survey of firming area / trial cultivation

We will investigate whether it is a plant that grows naturally in Thailand and Laos. Also, in the case of contract cultivation, we will carry out trial cultivation in consideration of the climate.

02.Cultivation / processing

In order to maintain stable quality, we will provide cultivation guidance to our partner farm, Thailand. It is also possible to carry out processing such as drying and crushing on site.

03.Quality control

We ensure the quality required by related regulations such as the Food Sanitation Law. In addition to acceptance inspections in domestic, we also perform component analysis such as functional components by us.

02Herbal tea processing

We process as contract OEM for roasting tea leaves, filling tea bags, private brand of herbal tea, healthy tea, coffee.
We can handle from about 2000 packages with various packaging materials such as with strings, flat type, and tetra type.

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01.Tea bag filling

It is possible to fill package healthy tea and herbal tea from small lots. It can be used for sales promotion and manufacturing of novelty items. A variety of packaging formats like from the Zabuton (Japanese cushion) shape to the type with a string are available.

02.Roasted tea leaves

Roasting in a short heating time is available. It can be roasted without damaging the color, aroma and flavor. By lowering the water content by roasting, you can expect the effect of maintaining and extending the quality.

03.PB (Private Brand)/OEM

We manufacture teabags on an OEM basis in a short lead time from small lots such as novelty development to mass production lots. We also develop PB products using raw materials from Thailand and Laos such as butterfly pea.

Tetra type with string and Zabuton (Japanese cushion) type are available for teabags.

  • Tetra type with stringTetra type with string
  • Zabuton (Japanese cushion) typeZabuton (Japanese cushion) type

03Drying / An essence extraction

The drying, crushing, and sterilization processes for functional materials, agricultural products, and food raw materials are available under contract. In addition to warm air drying, we also have vacuum freeze drying (freeze drying), and we will dry the raw materials you bring in according to the suitability of the material. It is also possible to manufacture hot water extract powder by spray drying.

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01.Warm air drying

It is a method of blowing warm air (hot air) to dry. Since the temperature can be adjusted, it may be dried at a low temperature for the purpose of maintaining the ingredients after drying. We are also happy to accept small lots of drying.

02.Vacuum freeze drying

Quick freeze and dry in vacuum. Freeze-drying has little denaturation of color and components and can maintain its morphology.

03.Spray dry

The liquid is atomized and dried with hot air for a short time to produce a water-soluble extract powder. It can be used for an essence extraction of small lot raw materials and prototype development.

04 Crushing / Powder processing

We will crush the food ingredients prepared by our customers to the desired particle size. We can accept orders from coarse crushing to fine crushing and fine cutting used for blended tea. The specially shaped crushing blade suppresses the generation of heat and deterioration of quality during crushing.

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01.Coarse crushing

By adding coarse crushing, the surface area is increased and the extraction efficiency of herbal tea etc. is significantly improved. If you want to make a fine cut, you can suppress the decrease of volatile aroma components by adjusting the degree of coarse grinding.

02.Fine crushing

We will crush powder processing 200 μm ~ under contract. Fine crushing can make it possible to manufacture products that require water solubility, such as powdered tea. In the case of hard raw materials, it is processed up to coarse crushing.

03.Ultra-fine crushing

It is possible to manufacture ultra-fine crushed powder with an average particle size of 15 μm. When micro-crushing is performed, it may exhibit a chromaticity different from that of fine-grinding, so we recommend that you confirm it by prototype under contract.

05Non-heated mill sterilization

Compared to the normal sterilization method, in the case of non-heated mill sterilization, the deterioration of nutritional components is small, and it is possible to sterilize while maintaining the color and aroma of various powder raw materials.
For the heat-resistant bacteria, spore-forming bacteria, water-soluble extract powder, etc. that could not be sterilized by conventional sterilization technology and the raw materials with a general bacterial count of 10,000,000 / g or more and coliform bacteria of 1,000,000 / g or more. this Non-heated mill sterilization technology can sterilize up to the number of bacteria that comply with the Food Sanitation Law.
We accept sterilization from a minimum of 500 grams.

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06Quality control / Analytical measurement

01.Analysis and measurement of components

It is an equipment that separates compounds contained in a sample in a short time by spreading the solvent on a column at high pressure. While performing quantitative and qualitative analysis of the components, it is also possible to purify the target components.

02. High temperature concentration

It is an equipment that decompresses the extract to lowers the boiling point, and then concentrates the components with the minimum heating. The advantage is that the sample can be adjusted without applying heat.


It is an equipment that separates insoluble components and extract by rotating the solution at high speed and applying centrifugal force of up to 20,000 xg.


We provide safe and secure raw materials from Thailand and Laos.

We provide safe and secure ingredients from Thailand and Laos to companies that develop health foods and cosmetics that support beauty and health. We offer dried products, fine cuts, and germicidal powders.

  • Butterfly peaButterfly pea
  • Holy BasilHoly Basil
  • Hibiscus roselleHibiscus roselle
  • TurmericTurmeric
  • MulberryMulberry

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Those who are thinking of drying, crushing, and sterilizing small lot raw materials,
if you have difficulty to find an OEM that can be outsourced, please feel free to contact us.

If you are serious about powder sterilization of small lot materials, contract (consignment) processing of unused resources, and the sixth industrialization of agricultural products, please feel free to contact us first.

Inquiries / consultations


  • Extract powderExtract powder
  • Powder / sterilizing powderPowder /
    sterilizing powder
  • Cut productCut product
  • Dried productDried product
  • Tea bagsTea bags

Sales promotion support


Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum lot size we can ask to process?

  • Dried product 500g ~

When processing from drying to crushing and sterilization, raw materials that can secure about 500 g after drying are required.
For drying only request, there is no minimum lot.

How much is it?

* Prices vary depending on the amount of processing and the properties of raw materials. Please contact us for details.

Are there any raw materials that are not accepted?

Raw materials with soil stains, raw materials other than food, marine products, raw meat, etc.
Please contact us for details.

What is non-heated mill sterilization?

It is a non-heat sterilization system by static electricity generated from rotary friction in the powder sterilizer.

Is it possible to package in small pieces after processing?

We will make a contract after confirming the size and amount of the powder bag.